Hundreds of experts and professionals from around the globe are working collectively on state-of-the-art global earthquake risk assessment and get together in Nexus to discuss the work being carried out within the scope of GEM.

Upcoming meetings around the globe

ASEAN initiative - OQ workshop from Sep 22, 2014 12:00 AM to Oct 03, 2014 11:55 PM Australia,
The workshop is being organised by Geoscience Australia and GEM will run a training course on seismic hazard assessment using the OpenQuake engine. The workshop is part of the ASEAN initiative, so it will be host to earthquake scientists from the Philippenes, Indonesia, Singapore and Papua New Guinea, as well as the GA hazard team.


Call for applications - EEFIT research grants
The EEFIT Research Grant supports short-term projects that will benefit earthquake (and related hazards) disaster mitigation and post-disaster reconnaissance efforts.
GEM Nexus restyling
GEM Nexus has a new look and feel, fitting with new branding; other than that.. nothing changed!
New Nexus group on Social Vulnerability & Resilience
A project on Social Vulnerability and Resilience for GEM has recently taken off, in order to support GEM's mission of producing a holistic global earthquake risk model and tools to estimate the impact of earthquakes on economy and society.

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